Car Travel: Is Renting a Car Necessary?

If you plan on taking a trip by boat, plane, train, or even bus in the near future, then you may be considering the option of renting a car for your travels. After all, having a personal vehicle upon arrival at your destination can be a convenient way to get around. However, what many people do not realize is that renting a car is rarely a necessity for any trip. Not only are rental cars very expensive, but the fact remains that there are often some viable and Continue Reading »


Getting the Best Airfare for Your Costa Rica Vacation

When traveling to Costa Rica, you should be aware that there are only two major international airports in this central American country. The Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport serves as a gateway into Liberia, a large city in northwestern Costa Rica near the Pacific coast. To get the best airfare into the Liberia region, you should only use airlines that provide direct service to the Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport. This airport is mostly served by major Continue Reading »


Trip Tips in Preparing for Costa Rica

Costa Rica can be a beautiful place to visit, but you should really get to know the place before you arrive. Not having an understanding of the culture and the territory can really limit your overall enjoyment of the trip.

Below are a few tips to keep you from bumbling through the country like an ordinary tourist:

- Do some research. There are plenty of travel books on the country. If reading isn’t your thing, find an internet site or a TV program. If you have Cable TV, there should be plenty of travel shows and information out there to help you get started.

- Learn some of the language. The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish. You don’t need to necessarily be fluent in the tongue to have a good time, but it would certainly help if you knew how to find the hotel or call a ride.

- Understand the territory. Just because you are American doesn’t make you untouchable. Prepare accordingly. Pull up a site and find out what the political climate is like in the area. Invest in a money belt, too.

Following these tips won’t automatically guarantee your enjoyment. However, knowing about Costa Rica can help put a lot of things into perspective and make the experience all the more fulfilling.


Costa Rican Climate and Weather Information

Costa Rica is a beautiful place to vacate anytime of the years. There is no “best time” to tour the area as some may suggest. Individuals are different. Some like sunny weather and others may prefer cold or cool weather. In Costa Rica, in some places it’s rainy and in some places it’s dry basically all year. Since September and October are the rainiest months, most travelers prefer to visit Costa Rica during the winter or in December and January Continue Reading »


What to Pack for Your Costa Rican Adventure

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America. To the west of Costa Rica is the Pacific Ocean and to the east is the Caribbean Sea. This beautiful country exhibits tropical weather, resulting in a dry season and a wet season. When planning a Costa Rican adventure there are a few essential items that must be taken along.

Since the main tourist attractions of Costa Rica are enjoying its magnificent beaches, one must bring with them a bathing suit that Continue Reading »


Costa Rica – Safety Tips for Tourists

Costa Rica is the most popular tourist destination in Latin America with 1.9 million travelers visiting every year. With crime against tourists on the rise, it is imperative you follow basic security procedures.

Take extra care when crossing streets in Costa Rica as pedestrians usually do not have the right of way. Also be careful when driving as there may be potholes in the smaller streets. This makes driving at night particularly hazardous.

Tourists may experience muggings including armed robberies at knife point. Travelers are targets for theft for their Continue Reading »


The People and Language of Costa Rica

The “Ticos,”" as the people of Costa Rica refer to themselves, are an exuberant and peaceful group who avoid conflict of any kind. The name Tico is taken from the word hermanticos that means “little brothers.” They are very family oriented and are a kind people who treat visitors from other countries well. You can expect to feel welcome wherever you travel in Costa Rica.

The Ticos love music and love to dance. You may find any Costa Rican community you visit Continue Reading »


Planning a Trip to Costa Rica

Planning a trip to Costa Rica may be the best decision a traveler can make. Costa Rica is loaded with unique historical landmarks and attractions that every traveler should see. The popularity of Costa Rica has made it one of the biggest tourist attractions available in the world. Some people consider it old news for experienced adventurers, but for first timers it is a cultural awakening.

Some of the landmarks of Costa Rica inspire mystery among historians. Though the number of hotels and rental Continue Reading »